Books [Shahir Daya, Nguyen Van Duy, Kameswara Eati, Carlos M Ferreira] Microservices from Theory to Practice



This book gives a broad understanding of increasingly popular Microservices architectural style, and provides some real-life examples of how you can develop applications using the microservices approach with IBM Bluemix. The source code for all of these sample scenarios can be found on GitHub (GitHub: Let’s build from here).

The book also presents some case studies from IBM products. We explain the architectural decisions made, our experiences, and lessons learned when redesigning these products using the microservices approach.

Information technology (IT) professionals interested in learning about microservices and how to develop or redesign an application using microservices can benefit from this book.
  • Part 1. Introducing the microservices architectural style
  • Chapter 1. Motivations for microservices
  • Chapter 2. Elements of a microservices architecture
  • Chapter 3. Microservices and DevOps
  • Chapter 4. Developing microservices in Bluemix
  • Chapter 5. Microservices case studies in IBM
  • Part 2. Example scenarios using the microservices approach
  • Chapter 6. Scenario 1: Transforming a monolithic application to use microservices (CloudTrader)
  • Chapter 7. Scenario 2: Microservices built on Bluemix
  • Chapter 8. Scenario 3: Modifying the Acme Air application and adding fault tolerance capabilities


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