Зарубежный материал [Udemy] Unreal Engine 5 Automotive Rendering for Beginners (Cars) by Nafay Sheikh (2023)



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Hello everyone!

Are you ready to level up your Unreal Engine skills and create amazing car renders? In this course, specifically designed for beginners, we will cover the basics of importing models, texturing, lighting, and animating to create a high-quality car render in a city environment.

Even if you have little experience with Unreal Engine, don’t worry! This course is extremely easy to follow, and we will guide you through the process step by step. However, you should be familiar with navigating the Unreal Engine UI and using basic tools.

One of the unique aspects of this course is that it will show you the raw process of a 3D artist in creating art. We will solve problems and make creative decisions together, so you can learn not just the technical skills but also the artistic aspect of creating realistic car renders.

The project for this course is simple yet challenging. After watching the entire course, you will create your own 3D scene of a car using the techniques and skills taught in class. You can use the same 3D models provided or choose your own. You will get extra points if you model the car yourself, as it will enhance your modeling skills.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own unique colors and lighting setups to make your render stand out. Once you’re done, be sure to upload your project for feedback.

So why wait? Start this course today and take your Unreal Engine skills to a whole new level! Good luck!

1. Introduction​

1. Introduction

2. Car in Garage​

1. Importing the Car
2. Texturing the Car
3. Building the Garage
4. Lighting and Rendering

3. Car in Forest​

1. Making the Forest Scene



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